• Laughing at Halloween Is A Treat

    We all face stress every day of our lives. Much of that stress is caused by sources beyond our control so it doesn't help to stress over that stress. During this scary fun time of year, we can disguise ourselves for just a bit. Step out of our … [Read More...]

    Laughter Lifts Us When We ‘Fall’

    The vibrancy of autumn in northeast PA can be done no justice by words. It must be seen. The color of fall leaves on a warm, sunny afternoon make a box of Crayola's seem pale.  Add to that picture pumpkins, gourds, mums and every spice of the … [Read More...]

    Good People Exist

    Person 1: "Did you hear about that shooting? A cop got shot." Person 2: "Which one? The one in Texas?" It's sad that tragedy has become so common. So when I encounter really nice people, it not only restores my faith in humanity, it reminds me … [Read More...]

    All Aboard the Trainwreck

     Everything's bigger in Texas, including the laughs. I did my first open mic while visiting a friend in Houston about 11 years ago. I had been writing jokes and ideas for jokes on anything that I had in front of me at the time: napkins, tissues, … [Read More...]

    Glad They Didn’t Serve Tomatoes

    A Missed Call I Wanted to Return Last week I received a phone call out of the blue. I saw this person's name pop up on my phone after coming out of the shower. I knew him for years but not very well and I couldn't imagine why I was getting a call … [Read More...]

    Laughter Yoga: No Mat Required

    When people hear the word 'yoga,' they typically think of poses that require flexibility that are performed on a mat.  Of course there is the spiritual side of the practice as well as the physical fitness side that people understand. But when I tell … [Read More...]

    With Humor Fueling Our Steps, Let’s Trail Together

    Trails are simple in nature but can lead to a robust lifetime of benefits for the community in the form of healthier residents, booming businesses and renewed pride. Here in northeastern Pennsylvania, we are fortunate to have The Lackawanna River … [Read More...]

    The Weekend of Saying, “Yes”

    Most of us get up and go about our day without planning how much we will accept others' ideas or determine how many times we will say, "yes." It would probably feel odd to sit at the kitchen table early in the morning and write out how often you will … [Read More...]

    Yes, and… Five Rules of Improv Help in Work and Play

    I used to get a knot in my stomach on Monday afternoons as I anticipated that evening's comedy improv class about nine years ago. I wanted to be in the class and loved performing in the shows at the Comedy Dojo in Scranton (when people laughed at … [Read More...]

    When the Tank Seems Empty

    People talk about following their dreams, living out their calling, saying that if you do what makes you happy then you'll never work a day in your life. That all sounds nice but I'm not sure I believe it - at least not fully. It's been five years … [Read More...]