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Life is busy. If we don’t take time to laugh, we may not do it. And laughter is too good a thing to skip. Jeannine wants to help you add more humor and laughter to your to your life and the life of your organization.  Laughter is healthy for individuals from top to bottom and businesses’ bottom lines.

Let Jeannine facilitate laughs with you and your organization through humor and/or laughter yoga – which means laughing as a practice just like any other choice we make, only this is a healthy one. Imagine replacing the afternoon coffee or smoke break with laughter. Your employees will feel reawakened! Jeannine combines years of experience as a communicator in health care marketing with her passion for living well and her ability to make people laugh* to deliver a presentation that will change how people think and feel. Whether you need an uplifting speaker, an interactive workshop leader or entertainment, Jeannine will take your event personally to ensure that she connects with every participant.  Book Jeannine today!

*Jeannine won’t coerce anyone to laugh but she will strongly encourage and advise that they laugh … if they know what’s good for them!