Every Day Is A New Opportunity in 2014

Some days I’m motivated to take to the keyboard to type and some days, I’m not. As 2013 draws to a close, I feel compelled of course to write a blog. I mean after all, isn’t it time to reflect? Time to make lists of the best of 2013, the most exciting, the most scandalous, the most news making, etc., etc.? And isn’t it customary to look at the new calendar and project how we plan to fill it with new goals, ambitions and life-changing behaviors?  I’m not mocking. I’m just saying that it is habitual for us to do the same things around the same time each year. And today is about celebration and renewed hope for what we can be and achieve tomorrow. No matter what we achieved in 2013 or what we wanted to do but didn’t, 2014 is waiting for us to bring it! It’s ours for the taking and making of great times and contributions to the communities in which we live.

I wanted to share a message of hope and encouragement for 2014 today and I decided to try something new.  I did a short video from my iPad (a gift from my beau for Christmas) to express my sincere sentiments.  When you have about three minutes, take a look


Happy, Healthy, Humorous New Year!