Part Deux of 81 Things to Do

While stuck in traffic on Interstate 81 … or any highway or road for that matter.

Last week I shared the second half of my list of 81 things to do when you’re trapped in a traffic jam. Here’s the first and final part of that list of things to do!  Have fun. And remember, while you’re sweating the small stuff, you could be saving your energy for celebrating what matters!!  Make Life A Laughing Matter!!


1.Feel the wind in your hair.
2.Test how loud your speakers can be.
3. Do your happy dance.
4. Check out the guy in the car next to you.
5. Check out the girl in the car next to you. This is equal opportunity folks.
6. Sing…at the top of your lungs.
7. Read billboards.
8. See who is a good adoptive parent to their part of the highway. Scan the roadside for cups, bottles and food wrappers.
9. Laugh… Because you can.
10. Practice your speech, excuse why you’re late for work… again…, your marriage proposal, etc.
11. Pray. Say a few words to your higher power like, “Thank you,” “Help me,” or “Watch over my loved ones.”
12. Breathe.
13. Listen hard to hear the sounds of nature. Try to tune out the engine sounds.
14. Remember your first family vacation and why it was so much fun. (I have fond memories of Wild Wood Crest in NJ. Two words: sunburns and ice cream.)
15. Smile. Then think about who is the reason for your smile.
16. Dance in your seat.
17. Repeat.
18. Daydream about where you want to go if you could go anywhere and money was no object and there were no other barriers to stop you.
19. Be still.

20. Make a note of how you feel.
21. Inhale.
22. Exhale.

23. Giggle like a little girl … that’s right fellas, give it a whirl.

24. Sing the alphabet to feel young again. It’s said that all we really need to know we learned in Kindergarten, right?

25. Think about someone you’ve hurt and plan to call them to say “I’m sorry.” (If traffic is completely stopped, call right then and there. Don’t put it off because you’ll find something else to do. That’s how life tends to be.)

26. Try to twerk while seated.

27. Look at the clouds to see what shapes they make. Do you see the face of a president? A headless horseman? A flower?

28. Think of someone who inspires you. How can you do something that would make them proud?

29. Breathe in.

30. Breathe out.

31. Breathe in.

32.  Breathe out but this time, make a “haaaaaa” sound when you exhale.

33. Smile at yourself in the mirror and say one thing you like about yourself. And it does not have to have anything to do with your appearance.

34. Tap your foot.

35. Channel your inner Bobby McFerrin. Start slapping yourself to make music. (Just don’t hurt yourself.)

36. Hum.

37. Imagine what your superhero power would be if you had one.

38. Imagine your costume. (I’m all about the power cuffs.)

39. Think of the first thing you would do with your superhero powers. (Remember, these powers were granted only for good so you can’t do anything evil … well, nothing illegal anyway.)

40. Practice the second language that you kind of know. (For me it’s French. I like to count in French sometimes; say the days of the week, the months, etc.)

41. Work on your elevator speech. What makes you/your business a hero, rather than a zero (shout out to Lori Greiner on ABC’s “Shark Tank”).