Comedy for Corporate & Private Events

Comedy EntertainmentLooking for pure entertainment? Need a fresh way to engage and interact with your employees? Jeannine delivers. New research shows just how valuable humor can be at the office – to help make meetings more productive – and Jeannine can help you with that culture shift.

Jeannine draws upon experiences working in a corporate environment, specifically the health care industry, and her life as an entrepreneur to create her comedy.  We all share many of the same challenges or “pains” from traffic jams to paper jams; from days overbooked with meetings to not meeting someone’s expectations.  Everyone has stress! And stress leads to illness. It costs U.S. companies millions each year in health care claims and low productivity.  But how we handle that stress makes all the difference.

Jeannine is a great choice for entertainment that’s clean enough for your organization’s next conference or employee event and funny enough to get audiences laughing and forgetting about their stressors – at least for a while.  Jeannine can customize a comedy performance based on your organization’s pain points so that the humor hits home and helps to bond your group as they share the inside jokes.

Jeannine also offers a 3C Solution Using Improvisation Techniques.  She will help your organization with Conflict Resolution, Communication and Collaboration using active techniques that are rooted in the art of improvisation. The biggest rule used by improv actors is, “Yes, and…” which means “I hear what you’re saying. I accept it. And now I’m going to contribute so we can move forward and produce.” Your organization’s employees, leadership, volunteers, family members – everyone – can have fun while gaining important experience learning to work together more effectively and thoughtfully.

Corporate Private Events

You were excellent! Everyone enjoyed the stand comedy show! We most certainly will be asking you to perform again next year.

Scott M. Marchington, President of Scotty's Services, Inc.