The Challenge Guy

I’ve never been someone to shy away from a fix-up. I always say, “you gotta play to win.” I believe this is true about money and love. If you don’t buy a ticket, you can’t win the jackpot. And the same can be said about meeting your soul mate. I always accept an offer of a fix-up with the hope that this one could be “the one.” I figure the worst that can happen is I end up in his freezer next to the Hungry Man and Ben & Jerry’s and thankfully, I’ve managed to stay on the outside of the Hotpoint so far.

I didn’t have much in common with this guy but we managed to make small talk and to get through an hour of pre-dinner drinks. At dinner he showed how fiscally motivated he was by pulling out a BOGO coupon for our meals. I was a little surprised but by no means offended. So the evening marched forward.

He took me to a bar where his friends were hanging out. After a drink he said it was time to head to the back of the bar where the dartboard was … and all of his friends. At this point he reached inside his jacket and pulled out a metal case that held his very own darts. He looked me dead in the eyes and said with grave seriousness, “I never leave the house without these because … you never know when you’re gonna be faced with a challenge.”

Two hours later as I sat making small talk with other dart widows–women who came from worlds different than mine–I decided this date was not hitting the bull’s eye. This guy was… not prince charming.

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