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Entering someone’s apartment or living space for the first time can be very exciting, especially when it’s a person you’ve just begun dating. A person’s place can say a lot about them. What’s the furniture like? Ethan Allen, Ikea or camping equipment? Is there any theme or sense of interior design? Is this person neat or is their place more like a crime scene? Bachelor pads often get a bad rap, deserved many times. But the same can be said for my place so I am not one to throw said dust bunnies.

I was on my second date with this guy and was picking him up at his place … I did not mind driving by the way. I did, however, mind waiting while he showered. Apparently 8:00 p.m. on my planet was actually 8:30 on his.

As I waited for him to shower and dress, I looked around his place. There were plastic novelty lights strung around the living room. There was a life-size poster of a blonde babe with her breasts exposed posted to the bathroom door. So he could have used help from “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” but I wasn’t totally thrown by his college-like living space. What really caught my attention were framed photos above his TV. There were photos of older folks that one would assume were parents and then there were the pictures of a young woman who could have been a sister?? I hoped she was a sister or even a favorite cousin.

As he yelled out that he was almost ready, I said I was looking at a picture of his “sister,” to which he responded, “I don’t have a sister.” While the lump in my throat grew, he joined me in the living room to explain that the framed woman was his last girlfriend and that they were still close friends. I also heard the Cliff Notes version of why they were no longer an item…a tale that included his shock and awe when she decided to break-up and probably encouraged to do so by her best friend who never liked him.

I guess a picture really is worth a thousand words… and here are six that came to my mind, This guy was… not prince charming.

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