Keep Wine-ing Comedy Tour

Jeannine Luby - Crowd Terrace Cafe

Scientists, doctors and folklore indicate that laughter is good for us. It has also been said that wine* – in moderation – is good for us. Jeannine believes that laughter and wine make an excellent pairing! She likes both, and knows many women (and men) who agree. That’s why she came up with her “Keep Wine-ing He Might Start to Look Like Prince Charming” comedy event which is great for:

  • Any winery interested in adding a fun girls’ night. Serve up your delicious wines while Jeannine serves the laughs.
  • Restaurants, clubs, banquet facilities who would like to do something special for their clients or to gain new clients. Plan a special menu that goes well with comedy.
  • Event planners. If you’re planning an event for corporate clients, conferences or individuals, consider a robust evening of wine and comedy. Or if you are the planner of your group of girlfriends, you can book a private girls’ night to wine show.
  • Organizations looking to raise funds and fun. When you sell candy, candles or other goods you’re raising money and helping the businesses who make those items. But why not profit from funds and fun? Lower stress with laughs while raising money to help your non-profit or civic organization. And just because we like to wine doesn’t mean you have to. Feel free to serve grape juice, soda or whatever quenches your thirst. We can still whine and laugh!

When we run into friends at the mall we usually say something like, “We should get together some time.” And before you know it, it’s spring and you still haven’t made plans to meet your girlfriends. Why wait? There will always be soccer games, doctor visits and appointments with contractors and cable guys. Make time now, plan a night to wine and laugh!

*Wine drinking is not required for attending Jeannine’s show or for hiring her to bring her comedy to your venue or event. A desire to laugh is all that’s needed.

There was a great benefit to hosting Jeannine’s comedy show at our restaurant on a week night because we had a full house when we usually would have been only 1/4 full. And people go crazy for comedy; with our combined efforts to promote, the shows sold out weeks beforehand.

Linda Martinez, owner of Terrace Garden Cafe in Clarks Summit, PA