Laughter Yoga

I have participated in several of Jeannine’s laughter yoga workshops and have always come away feeling great. She is passionate about the healing benefits of laughter and it shows. For my first session, I showed up in a bad mood having had a rotten day. By the end of the session I felt good and even lighthearted. What had made my day rotten didn’t matter anymore and I left smiling!

Cheryl Kaiser, owner of Kaiser Fine Photography

Laughter Yoga
Laughter Yoga was developed by medical doctor Madan Kataria in India in 1995 and is now practiced in 60 countries worldwide, including nearly every state in the U.S. Laughter Yoga is fun, simple and healthy for everyone, no matter what their physical abilities. It involves deep breathing, clapping, playful movements, chants of ho ho ha ha hee hee and laughing. Yoga mats are not used. All you need to enjoy this practice is a willingness to be playful and a desire to laugh and feel good.

Jeannine has led laughter yoga sessions with groups ranging from pre-school students to corporate professionals to senior citizens. Laughter yoga exercises accompanied by educational information about the practical and wellness benefits of laughter and humor are ideal for corporate lunch-time wellness sessions and as an effective opening, closing or break in any conference or seminar.

Jeannine received her Certified Laughter Leader training from the World Laughter Tour and completed Certified Laughter Yoga Leader training with Sebastien Gentry, founder of the American School of Laughter Yoga. She has been leading laughter exercises for six years.

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The ‘Laugh to Live’ workshop held at Lackawanna Trail High School in January of 2012 was a success. Jeannine did a great job preparing our students for the workshop and helped them become comfortable with the activities. From the smiles and genuine laughing heard, it was clearly a unique experience that my students will never forget.

John Rushefski, Principal at Lackawanna Trail Jr./Sr. High School