You were a big hit with the audience as they are winding down from an especially busy year. Staff really enjoyed your presentation and  are already planning  to use some of the activities with their children and families. In fact, we used the clapping chant that eveningat a good-bye party for one of our co-workers! We had the whole restaurant laughing

Linda Prutisto, Director of Development, Scranton Lackawanna Human Development Agency

Jeannine Connects with You through Humor

Have you ever been to a conference or seminar and remembered more about what was served for lunch or the temperature of the room than what the speaker said?  When the speaker at your conference, workshop or celebratory event is engaging, interesting and funny – that will resonate. Jeannine is the kind of speaker who will be remembered long after the Chicken Favor of the Day or Gluten-Free Pasta and Veggies.

Conferences-and-WorkshopsJeannine is passionate about delivering information in a humorous way so people laugh, learn and remember. And hopefully… think a little differently.

Jeannine’s ability to connect with her audiences in a memorable way to help them de-stress, learn to think more creatively, and share your focused message, make her a smart investment.  She can customize her presentation to fit your organization’s specific needs. She can share laughter yoga to help your employees manage stress in a healthy way. She also delivers workshops using improvisation that help your team members strengthen the three Cs: Communication, Conflict Resolution and Collaboration.

Your audience won’t be talking about the Chicken Parm the next day – maybe the double fudge brownies because those are hard to beat, but… Jeannine will serve up something that will stay with them … for life.

As many of our members are powerful women engaged in stressful working environments, the power of laughter, and humor in general, can be very effective in keeping us alert! I thank you for participating in our convention.

Aleta Richmond, BPW/PA President, 2013-2014